Cleveland, Ohio, Door Installer, Door Builder, Wood Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Architectural Hardware, Prehung
Cleveland, Ohio, Door Installer, Door Builder, Wood Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Architectural Hardware, Prehung

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Our Promise

We aim to provide each of our customers with:
  1. Exceptional Service
  2. Quality products and shop fabrication
  3. Competencies attained through our 28 years of industry experience
  4. High standards and attention to detail
  5. Constant communication
  6. The  ability to handle and solve any problems thrown our way
  7. Attention to schedules
  8. A "Thank you" after we complete your transaction 

Our Philosophy

At Enterprise Door & Supply Co. we are aware that every phase of the construction process is important. Construction is a time-sensitive industry. Based on this, we attack each aspect of a project. Starting with the initial bid invitation and pricing phase, continuing forward through the detailed proposal stage (which includes our clear specifications, clarifications, qualifications, and exclusions). Once we are awarded the project we redirect our focus to meeting job-schedules, keeping materials flowing, and maintaining on-going communication with the customer. While many competitors focus on "getting the job done", we at Enterprise Door & Supply Co. believe that "doing the job right" is of equal importance.

Successful projects take a wealth of planning and coordination. Communicating with field personnel if imperative to a project; we excel in this capacity. Following through on promises is more than just lip service to our company; it is policy. We feel that a realistic and reliable answer is more valuable to customers than an un-realistic claim. We aim to never stick our customers with an un-foreseen roadblock at the end of a project that could have been avoided with honest up-front communication. We do this by constantly monitoring our orders with suppliers and utilizing creative processes to ensure efficient product transfer to the end customer. The high composition of time-sensitive work awarded to our company is proof that our "realistic" philosophy towards project management is desirable within the industry.    

While our prices are completely competitive with industry competitors, furnishing of doors, frames and hardware can be a very complex endeavor. We place an emphasis on giving our projects due-dilligence throughout. Often times our economies lead to a low-cost bid. Other times, our realistic approach to modeling times and costs allow competitors to undercut our prices by providing skewed proposals. At Enterprise Door, we focus on providing best-cost bids by providing transparent estimates of the true costs that customers will incur during the project. This allows our customers to stay within budget because we have defined the rules of the game. This mentality is a cornerstone of our proposal philosophy. At Enterprise Door we devote much of our day to providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. We believe that anyone can put materials in a box and ship them; it takes an organization devoted to service to be there when issues arise.  We have internal staff and procedures in place for handling any of the day to day issues that arise to support the products we offer.

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